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WPRiders is a technical WordPress development agency where we handle highly challenging projects.

It’s an agency where the day-to-day way of working is relaxed yet provocative because it’s very well organized.

“It’s a place where you learn something new every day“ – at least, that’s what our developers say.

WPRiders Agency, a dynamic and innovative web development solutions provider, is looking for a talented and versatile writer who excels in both content creation and copywriting. This role combines the creativity of a content writer with the persuasive skills of a copywriter, offering a unique opportunity for someone who is passionate about writing impactful content and compelling copy.

Key Responsibilities:

Required Skills and Qualifications:

If you are passionate about writing and looking for a role that combines the art of storytelling with the science of SEO and persuasive marketing, we would love to hear from you!

Our company overview

WPRiders is a premium WordPress development agency for clients across 5 continents.

Our core values:

Accountability: We do our job well and pride ourselves on our reliability. We work efficiently because we believe it is up to us to deliver results as promised.

Integrity: We follow one simple rule: always do the right thing. We are honest and open. We keep our promises and treat our customers and colleagues just as we would want to be treated.

We grow together: We grow together by listening, learning, innovating, sharing insights, creating connections, and helping each other. We foster a culture of collaborative growth and success.

Contribution: We are committed to positively impacting society at large, educating our community, and creating a lasting, beneficial footprint by ‘paying it forward’.

How to Apply

When applying to this role, share with us your CV and a sample of web page copy you worked on and an article sample.

Also, please include the answer to the following task:

Create a detailed plan for developing a content series aimed at establishing thought leadership in a niche technology sector. Include your approach for topic selection, research, tone adaptation to cater to both experts and laypersons in the field, SEO integration, and cross-channel promotion strategy.

Please send all the links/materials to jobs{at}

Join us at WPRiders Agency and help us create content that makes a difference.